I am sad today.

I am sad that we cut ourselves off from Love.

I am sad that we punish ourselves and one another in the name of separateness,

From the echoed command of ego,

Choosing righteousness over Oneness.

I am sad for the man-made hatred,



And anguish in the world.

I am sad that our society awards the strengthening of ego.

I am sad that Love is the only fix,

And that it feels like the hardest choice at times.

I am sad because we are meant to belong to a world where we sing the sun up,

Where each moment is a ceremony filled with passion, appreciation and presence.

I am sad that we don’t marvel at the night sky as we once did,

That we don’t listen to the whisper of the trees and thank them for the air they sustain us with.

I am sad that we live in a flat line culture, unappreciative of our symbiosis with All that is.

We have made a big, beautiful world feel small, fractured, separate and sick.

Yet Love is such an easy choice to make.

A healing choice to make.

Choosing Love and appreciation for our world is, in fact, easy to do.

Next time you feel sad, angry or frightened,

Remember you only feel that way because you are seeing through the illusory veil of separateness.

Lift the veil.

Reveal the limitless, eternal Self that is you and your reflection in everything you see.

Next time, notice. Choose Love instead.

Love is our mission and forgiveness is our function.

It is just one choice away.

It is the only cure,

The only way to heal the world.

The time to step into the Light is now.

Jump in,

There’s nothing to lose.

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