How to be Wrecked on Schedule

We are navigating times of deep grief. In the wake of COVID-19 we are collectively experiencing the profound loss of human lives among so many other wounds. It seems the ground beneath us turns to quick sand at a faster rate each day. We’re cocooned in isolation yet bombarded with bleak media coverage with no return to “normalcy” in sight.

Good grief.


Yes, grief ripens us and challenges us to see things differently. These times offer a great initiation into the awareness of the inevitable, ongoing changes in our lives. These times offer the reminder that the present moment is good enough and is often all we have. The capacity to see the beauty in something comes from knowing it won’t always be there, and that we won’t always be there to observe it. These times remind us of the impermanence of all form and our relationship with the world around us. These times offer the opportunity to befriend change and greet it with compassion.

Let us use this time to step fully into our lives. Let us learn to look within and connect with our eternal, inner being. Just as we drop our physical bodies and experience the dissolution of form, let us lean into this experience of the unknown with curiosity, compassion and equanimity. Let us shed our skin and wriggle free of outdated patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us individually and collectively.

Let us learn to align with this aspect of ourselves that sees the perfection of all things in their unfolding and loves every bit of it. When we feel fear and doubt it is because we’re out of alignment with our inner being’s perspective, and that deviation feels unnatural. When we allow things to be as they are and look upon them with love and appreciation, we feel peace because we are in alignment. This grace is always with us, offering us the guidance and support that is needed to whether the storm. We must learn to listen. We must tune to the receptive mode. It is the ultimate comfort to know there is a light inside us which never goes out. The more we align ourselves to this nonphysical part within, the more we realize our own buoyancy and appreciate the storm for making us skilled sailors. Bob to the surface of this alignment and enjoy receiving what is coming. Float in this current with nonresistance, trust and appreciation. Let it lead you to the sacred harbor that is waiting for you.


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