There is a place in us where grief hides. Her voice echoes to us from inner spheres. We feel her familiar tug of sorrow as she beckons us with a gnawing deep in our core. It matters not if we divert our eyes and ears from her, for sooner or later she will announce her presence with a resounding howl. Her army of anguish spills over into achy bones and knots in our chest.

Can you hear her? Is she wailing in you, or whispering subtly?

From the beginning of time, she has signaled our hearts that the one we…

I am sad today.

I am sad that we cut ourselves off from Love.

I am sad that we punish ourselves and one another in the name of separateness,

From the echoed command of ego,

Choosing righteousness over Oneness.

I am sad for the man-made hatred,



And anguish in the world.

I am sad that our society awards the strengthening of ego.

I am sad that Love is the only fix,

And that it feels like the hardest choice at times.

I am sad because we are meant to belong to a world where we sing the sun…

We are navigating times of deep grief. In the wake of COVID-19 we are collectively experiencing the profound loss of human lives among so many other wounds. It seems the ground beneath us turns to quick sand at a faster rate each day. We’re cocooned in isolation yet bombarded with bleak media coverage with no return to “normalcy” in sight.

Good grief.


Yes, grief ripens us and challenges us to see things differently. These times offer a great initiation into the awareness of the inevitable, ongoing changes in our lives. These times offer the reminder that the present…

Hannah Fowler

End of Life Doula : Conch-ious Dying in Key West, FL

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